Edificios E Energia – Energy label on combined systems below potential – Portuguese

Edificios E Energia – Energy label on combined systems below potential – Portuguese

Two years after the entry into force of the regulation requiring energy labeling of district heating and sanitary water systems, the measure still does not capture the interests of market players, whatever their potential. As a result, the partners of the European project LabelPack A + show “mixed feelings” regarding the implementation of the label.

According to the analysis, the limited involvement of public authorities, resulting in the absence of information campaigns and market research initiatives, combined with the lack of interest from market players, such as heating system installers, led to a weak dissemination of the label, in particular of the combined systems.

“The labeling of combined systems is an interesting concept, with the potential to reinforce consumers’ power in their decisions to purchase heating solutions, facilitating the evaluation of the most efficient and sustainable offers,” said the secretary general of Solar Heat Europe (ex-ESTIF), Pedro Dias. “However, there is a risk of becoming a missed opportunity due to implementation problems,” he continued.

LabelPack A + experts believe that recognition of the problems inherent in the implementation of labeling will be of particular importance in the revision of the regulations for the labeling of district heating and hot water equipment.

But it’s not all bad news. One of the obvious benefits of the regulation was to pressure manufacturers to put more and more efficient equipment on the market, notes the director of the German solar industry association BSW-Solar, Jörg Mayer. “As a result of the requirements associated with the label for energy efficiency, the heating sector has brought more efficient solutions to the market. At present, almost all conventional heating systems fall under category A of energy efficiency, while systems using renewable options, such as solar thermal or heat pumps, can reach A + or higher, “he said.

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