Press Release – Paving the way to the industry, ESTIF becomes Solar Heat Europe!

Press Release – Paving the way to the industry, ESTIF becomes Solar Heat Europe!

Monday, 3 July 2017 – Brussels – 25 years ago, the solar thermal sector in Europe started working together, with the aim of having a common voice for solar heat in Europe. That initiative evolved into what later became the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF). Over these years, ESTIF has brought the sector together, has promoted its interests under a common voice and has been a driving force for the recognition of renewable energy in Europe and, more specifically, on renewable heating and cooling.

Renewable energy sources have become a central piece of the energy system in Europe. And solar heat is also playing a relevant role, more specifically in renewable heating and cooling. Today, there are over 10 million solar heat systems installed in Europe. Over these 25 years, the solar heat sector has brought to the market a proven and reliable technology. Today they apply advanced technology, from nanotechnology to laser, in order to make the most out of a simple concept: using the heat from the Sun to bring warmth to European citizens.

As heat represents close to half of the energy demand in Europe, the decarbonisation of the heat demand in Europe is the main challenge facing Europeans when striving to reduce its greenhouse gases emissions, honouring the Paris Agreement but most of all, respecting our Planet and its sustainability.
Solar Heat technology is flexible and adaptable to the European citizens’ and businesses’ needs. It can take the shape of a small thermosiphon system in Cyprus to a large 100 MW solar district heating plant in Denmark. And it goes beyond, also providing solutions for solar cooling!

Furthermore, Europe can be proud of its worldwide technological lead in the solar heat sector. European companies are at the forefront of the innovation, implementing new challenging ideas and putting in place record-breaking projects year after year.

This innovation capacity is bringing Solar Heat into the future, into being an important part of our sustainable future. We are more than an industry, we are a solution for Europe and Europeans.

As such, ESTIF is proud to unveil its new graphic identity and name: Solar Heat Europe!

“The solar heat sector invites the European citizens to play an active role in protecting the environment and fighting climate change at their own level. We are also providing a sustainable future for our society. Together with citizens all over Europe, we build a future where we can warm ourselves without warming the climate.” said Robin Welling, President of the Solar Heat Europe (ESTIF).

We are Solar. We are Heat. We are Europe.


Note for the editors:

About Solar Heat Europe:

The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation aisbl (ESTIF), created in 2002, results of the merger of two Associations, ESIF (European Solar Industry Federation), set up in 1992, and ASTIG (Active Solar Thermal Industry Group).

In 2017, ESTIF rebranded itself as Solar Heat Europe. Its mission is to achieve high priority and acceptance for solar heat as a key element for sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and to work for the implementation of all necessary steps to realise the high potential of solar heat. With around 50 members in Europe, Solar Heat Europe represents directly or indirectly over 90% of the industry, across the value chain.

Solar Heat Europe also ensures that solar heat technology develop and grow in Europe through different actions such as providing information and statistics on the sector or by advocating for better regulation or encouraging the EU policy makers to shape a favourable environment for heating and cooling technology.



Geoffroy Cazenave,
Solar Heat Europe’s Communications Officer,
+32 2 318 40 56

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