What is #noWildElectrification?

#noWildElectrification is a campaign aiming at raising the attention of policy makers on the dangers of a wild electrification of the heating and cooling (H&C) sector.

The urgency to tackle the decarbonisation of the H&C sector, that represents 50% of our final energy consumption, is now acknowledged by all. A variety of technologies and fuels will be needed to achieve a 100% renewables-based H&C sector. Renewables technologies such as biomass, geothermal, solar thermal or heat pumps will play an increasingly important role. While there is no doubt that electricity will also play an important role, the objective of this campaign is to raise policy makers’ attention on the different ways of using electricity for heating and cooling purposes.

A wild electrification means using fossil electricity in inefficient appliances such as direct electric heaters. Wild electrification could encourage the use of fossil or nuclear-based plants to produce the electricity needed in electric appliances, and this should be avoided.

A wise electrification means using renewable electricity, in smart and efficient heat technologies such as efficient heat pumps. And this should be promoted.

For further information, read the Joint position papers on the Electrification of Heating and Cooling & the Primary Energy Factor by pressing the buttons below.