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AEE INTEC Workshop Large on Thermal Energy Storages for District Heating

23. October 2019 @ 10:00 - 16:00
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Workshop Large Thermal Energy Storages for District Heating

The International Energy Agency Technical Collaboration Program on Energy Conservation through Energy Storage has initialised the definition phase for a new Annex on Large Thermal Energy Storage for District Heating.The ECES Executive Committee has given Austria the lead for the Annex Definition and this is executed by AEE INTEC.

Annex Definition process

The definition process is divided into two phases, each starting with a workshop. The first phase is aimed at describing the first outline for the LTES for DH Annex, containing the goals, the Annex structure, list of deliverables, timeline and a tentative list of experts. This outline will be presented to and discussed with the ECES Executive Committee at their November meeting in Switzerland.

The proposed Annex would be addressing the following problems and challenges.

  • Development of component and storage design portfolio for different boundary conditions (soil, groundwater depth, temperature level, requirements to lid, etc.) to supply global district heating systems
  • Increasing durability of components as well as lifetime of storage systems
  • Development of interface portfolio to system integration
  • Modelling of storage concepts and system integration
  • Optimisation through simulation regarding cost and energy efficiency
  • Scalability and exploitation in a global DH perspective
  • Definition of Large Thermal Energy Storage Matrix / Handbook

The second phase will take the ExCo discussion outcome into account and is centred around a two-day workshop in which the detailed work plan for the Annex will be drafted. The work plan will be worked out in the months following and the final draft will be submitted for approval by the ExCo in June 2020. Target would be to start the Annex in late Autumn 2020, after approval by the ExCo.


For registration, please contact Mrs. Rosa Stranzl: [email protected]
For further information and suggestions for the workshop please contact Wim van Helden, [email protected]


Date: 23. October 2019
Time: 10:00 - 16:00


Organizer Name: AEE Intec
Organizer Name: energy storage