HARP: Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

HARP: Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

Solar Heat Europe is partner of the project HARP: Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

Harp is a project funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 framework, focusing on 5 EU Member States: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Germany.

Main objective of HARP: motivate individuals to plan the replacement of their often fossil-fuel heating appliances for with efficient alternatives

  • raise consumer awareness about the inefficiency of their heating systems
  • accelerate heating systems replacement rate
  • significantly reduce energy consumption in existing buildings
  • contributing to the EU’s energy efficiency targets
Main HARP objectives
Main HARP objectives

3 reasons why HARP project is important:

HARP EU project why is it important
Facts about EU heating systems

Features about HARP project

HARP app

HARP will develop an application providing consumers with an indicative assessment of the performance and costs of their installed heating system and accompany them in the replacement process, informing about efficient alternatives, benefits and support schemes.

The application will also:

  • provide an estimation of the costs associated with their heating system (energy consumption or maintenance)
  • give an overview of the most efficient alternatives available on the market,
  • provide a list of their benefits, such as energy and costs savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, improvement of indoor air quality or noise reduction.
  • list the incentives and financial support available at national level to replace inefficient heating appliances with a more efficient alternative
  • be available in two different versions: one for consumers and an advanced one for professionals who, in turn, will be coached to provide a more detailed guidance to consumers regarding the replacement solutions tailored to their needs.

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