#SolarHeat for young generations and the general public

#SolarHeat for young generations and the general public

The European project ‘Our Solartown’ through which Solar Heat Europe has been raising awareness on climate change, renewable energy solutions, and solar thermal since 2018 is soon coming to an end. To tackle the effects of the pandemic on the progress of the project and the limited offline activities that were initially planned with schools and students, the project’s consortium has asked for an extension which was approved. The extension gives the opportunity to all partners to find new ways of bringing an impact and reaching a larger audience of young people, but also the general public.

One of the initiatives already available online consists in short videos explaining how to build a solar thermal system. The videos are complementing the existing educational content available on the website, and they aim to facilitate the implementation of the project for other schools and institutions that might be interested in the future.

The videos can be found at the following link and we encourage the sector to make good use of them by sharing them in newsletters, on websites, or social media channels.

In addition, the consortium is currently working on 2 brand new animated videos explaining the solar thermal technology and its scalability in the different market segments. While the target group of the project is represented by young generations, the concept of the videos aims at attracting viewers of all ages with the end purpose of informing them about solar thermal and highlighting its importance for a decarbonised future.

The videos will be available online this month and disseminated through a communication campaign in September and October, to which we enthusiastically invite the sector to join and support.

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