Editorial – Adapting to a new reality and making the best out of it for #SolarHeat

Editorial – Adapting to a new reality and making the best out of it for #SolarHeat

Dear Solar Heat Europe members,

The beautiful month of October is almost at the end, and Solar Heat Europe is getting prepared to execute the last activities foreseen by the end of the year.

2020 – the world, Europe, and the Solar Thermal sector

The year 2020 brought all of us in the face of unprecedented challenges, forcing us to learn and adapt to a new reality, to prioritize and re-think the way we interact, work, and contribute to our society. In the midst of all these events, our leaders and decision-makers understood the opportunity of reshaping the way in which we manage our communities, bringing forward the Green Recovery plan, meant to build on the already announced and set in motion, EU Green Deal.

In this context of the Green Recovery, the solar thermal sector is looking at a plan designed to help societies to recover, that shall be made possible not only with the support of politicians and governments, but also with our involvement. As such, our sector moved quickly in understanding this need and we joined forces under the motto #SolariseHeat – The Solar Thermal Industry Pledge, a promise to contribute to a green recovery of the economy.

Autumn’s highlights

While slowly adapting to the new reality, we managed to turn this autumn into a productive one, full of events and rich opportunities for our sector.

From the relaunch of The Solar Thermal Industry Pledge, to launching the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Renewable Heating & Cooling together with the RHC ETIP, welcoming the freshly announced Renovation Wave strategy, and finally, to preparing our Ordinary General Assembly.

Solar Heat Europe’s General Assembly

The Ordinary General Assembly will be held online and take place on the morning of December 4th, and it includes the important Elections of our Board of Directors for the next 2 years. The day before we will also hold meeting online, informing you about some developments on the work of task-forces, the Pledge and other main aspects.

This event is of high importance for the future steps we will take as an organisation, and I kindly invite you to book it in your calendars (if not done yet) and make sure you can attend.

I’d like to have a final word on the elections for the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is essential for our organisation and our sector and each election represents the beginning of a new period, bringing new ideas, experiences, and contribution to hope our organisation can best serve our sector and its members.

Your participation in this process is important, not only voting, as I would like to invite you to consider applying for the Board of Directors for the coming two years.

The official communication about the General Assembly will be sent out this week, so stay tuned for more information. On behalf of the Board and the Secretariat, we are looking forward to meeting all of you, and conclude together a tough, but still fruitful year!

Costas Travasaros, President of Solar Heat Europe

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