A podcast about Solar Heat by Heat Changers

A podcast about Solar Heat by Heat Changers

Did you know there is a short and entertaining podcast about Solar Heat?

Every month, the Heat Changers release a 15-minute episode. The podcast is produced and conducted by marketing, communication, and solar thermal professionals, led by Marisol Oropeza from matters. Several members of the solar thermal industry in Mexico and other countries in Latin America have participated in the 10 episodes available in Spanish so far. The Spanish series have been listened to in more than 25 countries on three continents.

The teaser episode for the English series was released in November and the new series will continue in 2023. The series in English will be supported by Intersolar, which will expand the audience globally. Moreover, Solar Heat Europe (SHE) is a collaborator of the podcast and each episode will include a policy brief from Alexandra Sutu, Communications & Events Manager at SHE.

The podcast is free for listeners and is available on the website and on the most popular podcasting platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Amazon Music.

The accompanying social media campaigns make the Heat Changers Podcast an attractive advertising channel for companies from the solar thermal industry.

  • Logo on episode cover.
  • Short company description, mention of website and social media profiles in an episode.
  • Mention in three subsequent episode-related posts, including one post with an abstract from the interview.
  • One post about a reference project of the company (up to three pictures of the system, key facts, and figures, testimonial from client).
  • URL of the episode to be embedded in a website.

The Advertising Package can be found here and Solar Heat Europe members benefit from a 20% discount.

If you are interested to participate in the Heat Changers Podcast, please reach out to Marisol Oropeza at info@heat-changers.com 

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