Solar Heat Europe | Call for tenders – Web Development & Design

Solar Heat Europe | Call for tenders – Web Development & Design

Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF is launching a tender procedure on web development and web design, looking for an agency/freelancer that will help us in building a new website for the Solar Keymark (SK) Certification. The deadline to submit the final proposal is Friday, June 18th.

In case of any questions or clarifications needed, please reach out to Alexandra Sutu, Communications Officer at Solar Heat Europe – [email protected].

About us:

Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF is the European trade association that represents the interests of the solar heating and cooling industry, actively promoting the use of these technologies in Europe. Its membership covers the whole solar thermal/heating value chain, from collector manufacturers to component suppliers, research institutes, service providers, national solar thermal and renewable energy associations. Solar Heat Europe is actively involved in the Solar Keymark Network with an administrative role that includes the management of its communications and website.

Current website:

Actual CMS: Joomla

Year it was built: 2010

Other info: The website management is done internally by Solar Heat Europe, as will be the case also for the new website.

New website:

The actual website is very old and badly structured, so we would like something modern and mobile-friendly with a “one main page” and “scrolling through” approach, and connections to sub-pages where necessary. This is a professional website to promote the Solar Keymark Certification, a voluntary third-party certification mark for Solar Thermal technology, that is used in Europe and increasingly recognized worldwide.

Preferred CMS: WordPress

Purpose of the new website:

There are 2 main purposes:

  • Externally: Raise awareness and promote the Solar Keymark Certification to relevant stakeholders, as well as attract new potential members to the Solar Keymark Network
  • Internally: Inform and engage the Solar Keymark Network with relevant internal updates and news about the certification and the meetings connected to its development.

Website functionality:

The information available on the current website also represents the basis for the information that will be on the new one, but it will be structured differently. We are looking into website templates that have one landing page approach where visitors can find the main information about the Solar Keymark with the possibility to go to sub-pages (second layer pages, or even third layer in few cases, as it can be seen in the website structure presented below) where more information will be available regarding the topic they are interested in. The content on the new website will be available only in English, as is the case also on the old one. We would like to have SEO in place for the new website to be found easily. Lastly, the development of the website should take into consideration features that will increase the accessibility for a diverse type of users. (e.g. link).

Special requirements:

Besides the typical web pages with descriptive content, the new SK website should contain the following:

Interactive map with the possibility to insert information per country:

  • Now there is information available for 10 countries, but we are in the process of updating the map, which means there is a possibility of expanding it to more countries in Europe and MENA
  • The text that will be provided for each country consists of information regarding subsidies and support schemes for products that own the Solar Keymark certification. The length of the text is between 150-200 words and it contains links to relevant sources from different countries.

Advanced research filter:

  • We will upload information and deliverables for the projects financed by The Solar Certification Fund (SCF). There are hundreds of documents in different formats (pdf, pictures, videos, excel files, etc.) that will be uploaded on the website and that will have multiple labels meant to facilitate the search.

Website structure: Solar Keymark Main Page

Please download this document that is comprising the information regarding the call for tenders and the website structure. At the following link you can find a complementary visual representation of the website structure (main page + a second layer page).

Side note: The Solar Keymark Database is already built and available online. The proposal should take into consideration only its integration in the new website. 

The target audience of the Solar Keymark website:

The users are mainly European Manufacturers, Testing Laboratories, Research Centers, Certification Bodies, and Public Authorities. They visit the website for updates on the regulation of the certification, information on the upcoming meetings, deliverables of the projects, to contact relevant Testing Laboratories and/or Certification bodies, and to find information on the certificate. They access the website mostly via desktop (80%), but we would like to enable also a mobile-friendly solution.


The general design should follow the colors of the logo and others that will complement them. The design should be simple and “fresh-looking”, comprising icons, illustrations, and pictures alongside the information that will be presented for the visitors.

As mentioned above, we aim towards a simple website, with clean pages that have a good balance between written and visual content, either if there are icons, illustrations, infographics, or pictures. The main information about SK will be presented on the landing page, so graphic elements might be needed to separate the different sections and make them comprehensible for the reader. The sub-pages should also include visual elements alongside the text provided. Most of the pictures will be provided, but there might be a need also for few general stock images.

The illustrations and icons should be developed and aligned with the actual visual identity of the Solar Keymark, but there is room for flexibility as the only guideline available is the logo.


Estimated budget in the range of 5000€ to 8000€

Examples of websites that we like and have similar functionality.


The development of the website must be completed and revised by the first week of September 2021. The website will be presented during the Solar Keymark Network meeting in September.

Response required:

All final offers should be sent to [email protected] by Friday, June 18th. Queries regarding the call can be addressed until June 11th.

Alongside your offer, we would like to see examples of previous work done for similar needs as the ones expressed in our call. All applications should be submitted in English.


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