Elderly residence in Malaga

Elderly residence in Malaga

PVT system in Spain 

The Spanish company Abora is locally producing PVT panels in order to achieve high solar fractions by using seasonal storage. Abora already installed PVT systems in hotels, nursing homes and hospitals in Spain. The glazed panels feature the use of an inert gas between the PV cells and the glass cover, which contribute to decrease reflection and heat loss and make the technology more efficient.

This residence for 162 elderly people in Malaga installed 64 PVT collectors in 2018 for heat and electricity.

Collectors: 64 PVT collectors

CO2 savings: 33 920 kgCO2/year

Installation year: 2018

Location: Spain

Link (picture source)

Link for more information on PVT

Picture source: Abora

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