Solar district heating systems in Denmark

Solar district heating systems in Denmark

Large scale district heating network

In 2007, the first solar heating plant was made in combination with natural gas-fired cogeneration plant (CHP) in Brædstrup. Solar heat can combine with other technologies in systems that interact with the electricity grid. Heat pumps are now being introduced in district heating to combine heat and electricity generation. In Denmark, large district heating systems are now operated via coupling of different technologies.

Broager district heating

It was originally built as a natural-gas fired plant, then a solar thermal plant was installed in 2010. Recently, a ground water heat pump was added. The current solar heat production is of 575 W/m2.

Collectors area: 10 000 m2 (Arcon Sunmark)

Other energy sources: 4 MW ground water heat pump

Storage: 5 000 m3

Installation year: 2010

Location: Denmark

Link for Task 55 on SDH

Link for Broager and picture source

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