Mürzzuschlag district heating

Mürzzuschlag district heating

Integration of solar thermal in district heating network 

The Mürzzuschlag district heating heat requirement of 25 GWh is met by three sources: natural gas, biomass and solar thermal. The objective of the solar thermal collectors is to achieve the highest possible solar coverage rate in the summer to reduce the demand in gas. The planned plant is expected to supply about 2 185 MWh/a and cover 8.7 % of the total annual demand.  Coverage up to 90% could be achieved in the hottest days of July.

Collectors area: 4 991 m2

Type of collectors: flat plate (KBB K5 Giga)

Other energy sources: natural gas, biomass

Storage: 2×100 m3 buffer storages

Installation year: started in 2017

Location: Austria

Picture source: SOLID (sent internally)

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