Information on the RESres platform

Information on the RESres platform

Image source: RESres website

The RESres Platform was launched in March 2020 to facilitate networking across the whole value chain of renewable energy. The Platform is both a searching and matching tool, where a company can set up its profile and reach out to other businesses, for example to purchase components or collaborate on a project. Final customers can also subscribe to look for energy solutions. The Platform will also involve governments, banks and financial institutions.

Solar thermal will be included as a specific RES category, and each company can register up to 5 profiles (for 5 different employees) to provide more detailed information, and allow customers and other businesses to reach out to the CEO, the sales manager, or the relevant person for their research. The Platform is now open for subscription at a competitive price of 365€ a year until May 3rd. On May 4th, the RESres Platform will officially be launched in Europe for both businesses and final customers. Customers will pay only a 1€ fee for each inquiry they upload.

You can find more information here.

If you have any question, please send it to us at and we will transfer it to the company in charge of the platform.

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