Solar Heat Europe: NEW Task Force on PVT collectors

Solar Heat Europe: NEW Task Force on PVT collectors

Solar Heat Europe is launching a new taskforce on PVT (Photovoltaic-Thermal) collectors. PVT are hybrid collectors combining solar photovoltaics and solar thermal and represent a promising technology. PVT has already reached a relevant market size, with France in the lead globally with over 400 000 m2 of collectors installed. Other European markets are also showing interesting dynamics.

While combining the best of two technologies (solar photovoltaics and solar thermal), such products are also facing challenges related to being in between two worlds. As such, SHE’s Board of Directors has agreed to launch a new taskforce focused on PVT.

This taskforce shall identify the main market barriers for PVT collectors and define a path towards developing proposals that can address effectively such barriers. Some of the topics to be addressed include competitivity and access to support schemes, quality assurance in relation to modules and installation or even public awareness about this solution.

The result of this work will be presented at the Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF General Assembly (GA) on the 29th November.

The first meeting of this taskforce will be held online (webmeeting), on the 21st October, Monday, from 14h to 16h. More information about this first meeting can be found here. The final meeting will take place on the 28th November 2019, Thursday in Brussels, the day before the SHE/ESTIF General Assembly, when the results of the work will be presented. It is likely that one or more webmeetings of approximately two hours duration will take place in between the first and the final meeting.

The experts joining this taskforce should commit to contribute to the work of the taskforce in the different meetings. Experts from companies or other entities that are not currently members of Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF are also allowed to participate in this taskforce. Those interested should communicate to by the end of September.

For additional clarifications regarding the task-forces or the working-group, please contact

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