Expert taskforces on solar district heating, SHIP and PVT

Expert taskforces on solar district heating, SHIP and PVT

Solar Heat Europe’s Board of Directors has defined three areas as a priority for which focused taskforces involving experts on specific market segments, shall take place until the end of the year,

These are solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP), solar district heating (SDH) and PVT Collectors.

These taskforces are led by experts from our industry, supported by Solar Heat Europe’s Board and Secretariat in the preparation and follow-up of the meetings.

The result of the work of these taskforces will be presented at the Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF General Assembly (GA) on the 29th November. The next meetings of these taskforce will take place in October, as webmeetings. The final meeting will take place on the 28th November 2019, Thursday in Brussels, the day before the SHE/ESTIF General Assembly, when the results of the work will be presented. It is likely that one or more webmeetings of approximately two hours duration will take place in between the first and the final meeting.

The dates for the upcoming webmeetings of the referred taskforces are:

Those interested in participating in the referred task-forces may express their interest to [email protected].

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