New Board of Directors of Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF for the mandate 2019/2020 elected

New Board of Directors of Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF for the mandate 2019/2020 elected

At the last General Assembly, held on the 30th November, a new Board of Directors was elected for a two-year mandate, covering 2019/2020.

The newly appointed president of Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF is Costas Travasaros, a Greek solar thermal entrepreneur and one of the deans of our sector, counting with over 30 years of engagement in the sector. Mr. Travasaros was nominated by the Greek Solar Industry Association (EVIE/EBHE) and is the CEO of Prime Laser Technology SA,  a company specialised in the manufacture of solar thermal absorbers, based in Greece but exporting to several markets in Europe and other regions.

Four of the Board members were reconducted, as they were already part of the previous Board of Directors. These were Lothar Breindenbach; Stephan Fintelmann; Andreas Haller and Harald Drück.

A new Board member was elected, Marcel Cloosterman, representing Holland Solar. The other member of the Board is Nigel Cotton, Chairman of the Advisory Council.

The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:


Board Members

Category Associations :

 Category Industry

Category Service Providers

  • Harald Drück – nominated by IGTE (Institute for Building Energetics, Thermotechnology and Energy Storage)

Chairman of the Advisory Council

  • Nigel Cotton – nominated by ECI (European Copper Institute)

It must be stressed the relevant contribution of David Stickelberger from Swissolar, as a representative of associations in the Board of Directors in 2017/2018, who ended his mandate at the last GA. Furthermore, the previous president, Robin Welling, which mandate ended in January 2018 shall also be pointed out for his outstanding contribution to the organisation over the last decade.


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