Package label implementation reaching a new stage: post-Labelpack A+

Package label implementation reaching a new stage: post-Labelpack A+

The European project ‘Labelpack A+’ dedicated to the implementation of the package label, supported by Horizon 2020 reaches its end. The project provided a comprehensive set of information on energy efficiency labels for space and water heaters for manufacturers, dealers, installers and end users. All these stakeholders are supported with the issuing of the package label, more specifically through the project’s website. Good news arises: the website and the calculation tool, which creates labels, will remain operational beyond the project ending.

The online calculation tool has been improved, considering the inputs received from users. In the meantime, an additional tool addressing the calculations for solar devices based on the SOLCAL method is also available.

A short report of the project activities, “Implementing the package label for Space and Water Heaters“ has been published and is available in the project website.

This report is part of a series of deliverables from the project that we believe can contribute for an assessment of the implementation of the package label insofar, as well as provide some indications of options for the future.

These are available at the Labelpack A+ website, under “Resources”.

Among these reports, we would like to point out:

You can find more information about the Labelpack A+ project in the dedicated website. We also invite you to see the final press-release. And to check the additional information on the package label and the energy labelling of space and water heaters in the members-area of our website.

If you have any question regarding the Labelpack A+ project, please send us an email at for non-members, or at for members.

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