Canale Energia – The new phase of the ‘Labelpack A +’ project – Italian

Canale Energia – The new phase of the ‘Labelpack A +’ project – Italian

On the one hand, support industry operators in providing the right information to customers and in meeting regulatory obligations, and on the other, directing consumers in their purchasing choices. This is the dual objective of the Labelpack A + project , funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 program and concerning the energy labeling of systems for heating and domestic hot water production. The initiative, which came to an end, sought to provide manufacturers, dealers, installers and end users of 6 European countries complete and comprehensive information on these labels in order to facilitate their adoption.

A new phase

Now the project now enters a “new phase”. Although the initiative has come to an end, the label calculation tool and the project’s web platform will remain online and will continue to be available to operators.

A label more complex than the previous ones

Despite the importance of an instrument of this type, the critical aspects of promoting it were not lacking . “As a tool, which for the first time calculates the combined heating systems of various components in their energy efficiency, the EU heating label is significantly more complex than the previous and well-known efficiency labels for individual products,” he says. in a note Pedro Dias, Secretary General of Solar Heat Europe / ESTIF – ” unfortunately, complexity was also reflected in the acceptance of the label by producers and customers. It has not yet been requested to the extent we had originally planned “.

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