Industry Advisory Meeting: “Scenarios for the Package Label”

Industry Advisory Meeting: “Scenarios for the Package Label”

The energy labeling of space and water heaters delegated Regulation 811/2013 & 812/2013 brought an important innovation into the labeling framework, going beyond the concept of product label and introducing the package label, an indication of the energy efficiency of a heating system, i.e., a combination of different components. Currently, a revision of Lot 1, covering space heaters, and Lot 2 on water heaters is underway, including an assessment of the appropriateness of the package label.

The LabelPack A+ project has been, for the past three years, addressing the introduction of the package label on the market. While this project reaches its final stage, it is one of the objectives to learn from the experiences with the implementation of the package label and to discuss potential improvements and alternative scenarios.

As part of this process, we would like to invite industry players for an Industry Advisory Meeting on the topic “Scenarios for the Package Label”. During this webmeeting, we would like to discuss the views of several relevant stakeholders on:

  • What would be the implications in the market of an unchanged package label framework for space and water heaters?
  • Which changes to the package label framework would bring the most relevant benefits for consumers?
  • Which changes to the package label framework would bring added value for manufacturers of space and water heating appliances or package components?
  • What would be the main implications in the market if the package label is withdrawn from the space and water heater regulations (Lot1 and Lot2)?

This webmeeting will take place on the 27th June, from 10h30-12h00. Those interested in attending shall register here. More information about this event here.

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