IEA SHC webinar: Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

IEA SHC webinar: Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

On Wednesday, March 14, the IEA SHC Programme Task 54 “Price reduction of solar thermal systems”, together with the International Solar Energy Society, organised a webinar on price reduction in solar thermal systems.

Having the image of being too expensive to buy, too complex to install, too costly to maintain, solar thermal often loses the race against other offerings in today’s heating sector. How this trend can be reversed is one of the key questions of the SHC’s Task 54.

This webinar provided information on the solar thermal value chain and highlighted parts with the highest cost reduction potential, as well as reflections on the methodology to calculate that potential, via the LCOH. Task 54 experts explained economic and technological mechanisms that could change the price structure of current solar thermal systems decisively through practical examples. Cost reductions were in particular analysed from the point of view of standardisation, reduction of production costs, process cost optimisation, cost reduction by temperature limitations, potential of polymeric materials, cost competitiveness of multi-family-house systems.

To access the recording and the presentations, please visit the ISES website here:

Please find also below, the recording accessible on the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) Youtube channel.


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