BioEnergy International – #noWildElectrification: campaign for more renewable heating (Spanish)

BioEnergy International – #noWildElectrification: campaign for more renewable heating (Spanish)

The European associations of renewable energies AEBIOM , EGEC and SOLAR HEAT Europe have launched the campaign #noWildElectrification to draw the attention of politicians on the dangers of a wild electrification of the heating and cooling sector

It is urgent to address the decarbonisation of the residential air conditioning sector – heating and cooling – which represents 50% of the final energy consumption in the EU. To achieve a 100% renewable sector it is necessary to combine a variety of technologies and fuels. Technologies such as biomass, geothermal energy, solar thermal energy or heat pumps will play an increasingly important role.

While there is no doubt that electricity will also play an important role, the goal of this campaign is to draw the attention of policymakers to different ways of using electricity for heating and cooling .

Renewable partnerships consider it a “wild electrification” to use fossil-based electricity in inefficient appliances such as electric heaters.

A “wild electrification” could encourage the proliferation of power plants that use fossil fuels or nuclear plants to produce the electricity needed to supply these electrical appliances; something that Renewable Associations believe should be avoided.

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