Labelpack A+ stakeholders’ meetings in Brussels

Labelpack A+ stakeholders’ meetings in Brussels

In the framework of the project Labelpack A+, two meetings took place in Brussels, before the Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF General Assembly.

This project is focused on assisting market players in reaching a common understanding of the energy labelling regulations and support its implementation. In this project, six countries work together offering support (online tool, training, information) to the supply chain from manufacturers, through installers to consumers.

While the project is in its final stage, an important review process of Lot 1 and Lot 2 is underway. Therefore, these meetings aimed at sharing and debating some of the findings of Labelpack A+ project.

The first meeting took place on the 29th of November 2017 and gathered national solar trade associations. The goal was to have a common reflection on the relevance of the package label and to exchange good practices from the diverse countries represented at the meeting.

It was also the opportunity for the participants to initiate some proposals to improve the package label uses as well as to feed in the ongoing review process of the regulations for space and water heaters.

The second meeting, held on the 30th of November in the morning, was an Advisory meeting on the topic “Rethinking the Package Label”. During this meeting, project partners presented an overview of implementation at European level, including some relevant national examples.

More information about these meetings, including minutes, can be found in the member’s area of the Solar Heat Europe website in the Standardisation & Certification section.

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