CommONEnergy –  Cost-competitive deep renovation of shopping centres

CommONEnergy – Cost-competitive deep renovation of shopping centres

The EU funded CommONEnergy project has developed new solutions to retrofit shopping centres, in order to reduce consumptions and increase energy efficiency.

The project developed several innovative tools, such as the Shopping Mall Assessment – SMA tool, continuous commissioning, social and environmental assessment tool, data mapper and scenario tool, integrated design process library, etc. It made available online training modules as well and three demonstration cases have been also implemented: in Italy, Spain and Norway. The monitoring of the demonstrations are ongoing, they are expected to reach up to 75% reduction of energy demand, leading to cost reduction, resulting in payback time of 7 years.

In addition, the final publication of the project is a guide on how to retrofit shopping centres in an energy efficient way. They guide has been developed to energy managers, architects, designers, facility managers, owners or investors.

The project is in line with the recent goals of the EC, as Ms Strachinescu, Head of Unit C.2, DG ENER mentioned at the final conference of the project on 7 September, 2017 in Brussels: “integration that goes beyond the building and reaches the district level, including the industrial sector” is the future.

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