Renewable Energy Magazine – ESTIF becomes Solar Heat Europe

Renewable Energy Magazine – ESTIF becomes Solar Heat Europe

The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) has changed its name to Solar Heat Europe in response to continuing demand for heat energy in Europe.

The solar thermal sector in Europe started working together around 25 years ago and ESTIF was formed to bring the sector together, promote its interests under a common force and act as a driving force for the recognition of renewable energy in Europe, as well as renewable heating and cooling.

Renewable energy sources have now become a central piece of the energy system in Europe and solar heat is also playing a relevant role, more specifically in renewable heating and cooling. Today, there are over 10 million solar heat systems installed in Europe. Over these 25 years, the solar heat sector has brought to the market a proven and reliable technology. Today they apply advanced technology, from nanotechnology to laser, in order to make the most out of a simple concept: using the heat from the Sun to bring warmth to European citizens.

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