Edificios E Energia – Goodbye, ESTIF! Hello, Solar Heat Europe! – Portuguese

Edificios E Energia – Goodbye, ESTIF! Hello, Solar Heat Europe! – Portuguese

ESTIF – European Federation of the Solar Energy Industry announced yesterday its new name: from now on, ESTIF will be renamed Solar Heat Europe, and will also have a new image. Affirming the heat of solar origin as an essential part of a sustainable future and a solution for Europe and its citizens are part of the objectives of this new stage of the sector.

For the association, the decarbonisation of the heating sector is one of the main challenges facing Europeans today, with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fulfilling the commitments made in the Paris Agreement. In this task, the use of solar heat is a technology “flexible and adaptable” to the needs of Europe’s citizens and companies, the industrial association argues. “It can take the form of a small thermosyphon system in Cyprus or a large district heating plant to 100 MW solar thermal power in Denmark. And it goes further, also providing solutions for solar cooling! “He continues.

With this transformation, Solar Heat Europe intends to reinforce the positioning of solar heat as a key element of the Warming and Cooling strategy in Europe, as well as work on implementing all the necessary steps to realize the enormous potential of solar thermal energy . In addition, it should continue the work carried out so far by ESTIF, namely promoting the development of heating solutions, organizing information and statistics actions on the sector and raising awareness of Heating and Cooling based on renewable energy sources.

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